Hi, I'm Jenny Chittham!

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Something About Me
Although my life is not a cake walk, I have spent a lot of time in and out of school, becoming the first person in my entire family to graduate college is a big success to me. Taking short and long breaks from school was hard as an art student. I would forget some techniques or how to use a certain program, but with the time I spent off raising my children, they taught me so much in life as a designer. If it’s not fun and vibrant colors, it’s something meaningful to me. My work describes who I am as a person. When I design, I put a part of who I am into my artwork. I enjoy creating things that I believe a kid would reach for. I use bright colors because I want it to stand out not only to children but also to my audience. Color is an important component of my artwork due to the fact it gives the audience an emotional response to the piece. I want people to look at my work and feel a connection with the designs that I create. Before I start designing my work, I brainstorm; I often do research and sketch what I feel or see when I think of a certain subject. The majority of my work is done on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I get my inspiration for my concepts and ideas from my life experiences, my culture, and simply just taking a walk outside and seeing what the world has to offer daily. In my opinion, a designer is someone who creates, produces, and builds. Chef Duff Goldman is not a graphic designer, but he is one of the best cake makers. He creates cakes that are a work of art. I started watching his show as a teenager and I was amazed at what he created. I grew up believing that cake was either chocolate or vanilla and it had about one to three layers. I thought cakes were simple with one little flower or just a toy on top but Chef Duff opened up my eyes. He is a designer I look up to because he took one little thing and transformed it into something bigger and better with his insane but amazing imagination. Chef Duff was a boss and a team player at the same time. As he opened up his own cake shop, he didn’t hire bakers; instead he hired painters, architects, and sculptors. He showed me that no matter what medium you use, you can still create art. I am a mother of four which makes me good at multi-tasking as a designer. I put my motherhood and experiences into some of my artworks. My children all have different personalities and they all teach me different things every day. They motivate me to draw and create things with them most days. Having kids did not stop me from pursuing my dream as a graphic designer, instead it pushed me into learning more about creating art and creating a family with a big imagination. Most times, my life seems to be hectic, but I seem to enjoy typography a lot because as a mother, words have always brought structure into my life and it gives me a sense of ease.
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